First Reformed Church


Bible Study

Bible studies are focused on teaching the Word of God and growing in our understanding of it. There are several opportunities to meet for Bible Studies here at FRC:

  • Tuesday Morning at 9:30 AM - Seniors Bible study lead by Pastor Art at Martindale Place.
  • Thursday Morning at 9:30 AM
Coffee Break
Wednesday Morning at 9:30 AM

Women gather for a time of community and to learn more about the Bible and the Christian Faith.
Infant care and Little Lambs for preschool aged children is provided.

Discipleship Groups - “Bible Study with a purpose”

Discipleship Groups are groups of people dedicate to growing in their faith and learning to reflect the glory of Jesus Christ in their everyday life. Three elements are central to our discipleship groups:

  • Scripture: each week groups of people gather to study the word of God and discerning how to apply it to your life
  • Prayer: disciples are challenged in their ability to pray. Not only do we want to pray “for” people, discipleship groups will pray with each other. Praying with AND for each other is one of the best ways to grow in faith and strengthen our sense of community.
  • Service: a disciple will always be called to a life of humility and service. Several times a year, each group is challenged to mobilize outside of the walls of the church. Groups will get connected with other organizations as their faith in Jesus will call them to serve the community around us.

Many of our programs utilize RightNowMedia. It is an online, streaming based platform that connects you instantly to bible studies and other faith-based topical studies. This is a resource that we subscribe to as a church and is available to you at no cost!

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